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Ball Bearing and Thrust Bearings with different sizes. Standard Metric Sizes Also Available From Stock
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Pulleys and Belts
Aluminum, steel and plastic in all pitches. Special machining such as special bores, counter bores, keyways, double pulleys, and special width pulleys.
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Dowel Pins
MP Components wide array of dowel pins is ready to fulfill the requirements of any project you may have.
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Shoulder Screws
MP Components offers an extensive line of precision Hardware which contains various items for fastening and/or locating of precision industrial components.
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Precision cut Gears, Spurs, Miter, Bevel, Helical, and Worm. Materials include Plastic, Delrin, Steel, Stainless, and Aluminum. We also supply standard and custom Gear Racks.
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Precision case hardened and ground Shafting and Pre-Drilled Shafting.
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Linear Motion
Linear Bearings/Bushings with Chrome Steel and Stainless Steel. Slides with Ball Slides, Cross Roller Slides,
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Flexible Coupling, Rigid Coupling, Oldham Coupling, Bellows Coupling, Spider Type Flexible Coupling, helical Couplings, Slit Type Flexible Couplings, Neoprene Flexible Couplings, Shaft Reducers.
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Misc Hardware
Precision case hardened and ground shafting and Pre-Drilled Shafting
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Miscellaneous Parts
Components/Parts, Inventories from Allied Devices
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